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                           The Lewis Addition                                     

Vestfield Property

Dixie (a modern name) is to the southwest of The Friendship on the bay and was included in a resurvey of The Friendship made in 1739 for Joseph and Lewis De Rochbrune. Lewis De Rochbrune, a physician, had added to tracts to The Friendship. Lewis' Addition and Josephs' Addition, the latter patented in 1746. Lewis was the older son, for in Lewis Sr.'s will in 1752 he was left as guardian of brother Joseph. This being so, the property of Lewis' Addition was probably the older and as the old part of the house here was built in the first part of the eighteenth century it was very likely Lewis De Rochbrune Jr.'s house.

       The name Lewis' Addition drops from the records and by the 1798 Federal Tax we find that Thomas Winchester and William Whitecraft were in possession of Friendship Resurveyed. Joseph's Addition and De Rochbrune's Neglect. Thomas Winchester had come into the property through his wife. In 1799 William Whitecraft sold his share to Thomas Winchester. In 1833 Jesse Knock bought several tracts from the heirs of John Elliot, on of which was Friendship and he devised it to his daughter, Catherine White (wife of Samuel) by will in 1850. Catherine D. White left "to my little granddaughter Emily A. L. Goodhand... part of my farm on Kent Island known as Friendship." It was sold by her heirs to a realty company in 1922 and by them sold to the Tillery family in 1922. In 1934 Commander John P.W. Vest bought the property and did much of the restoration and alterations. The present owners are Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Newcomer.

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